Quick Fix to Existing Hardware

Do not lose hope for old equipment! It can easily be made to run fast.

1. Get your local PC tec to mirror image your existing hard drive to a solid state drive (any will do). 

It will increase your computer speed up to 5-10 times faster at very little cost. (Est $150-$200 total cost

2. Upgrade your monitor to 2 x 23/24" monitors that can run a screen resolution of1080P. By using two monitors YOU WILL OPERATE YOUR PC 25% FASTER

3. Replace the old keyboard and mouse for one that is comfortable and quiet

New Computers

When considering a computer, it is all about speed.

No other component contributes as much to speed as your choice of hard drive.

 Detail Minimum Best for SoEasy
ComputerAny Any
RamMinimum 2 GB 4 GB
Hard DriveAny Solid State
Monitor1024 * 768 pixelsThe new version of SoEasy can work on any monitor but it is not released yet. Optimally for administration you want a 22-24" monitor with a capable resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. It is also 25% more efficient (time and frustration saving) by using 2 same sized monitors.
IMPORTANT! Be careful about judging a monitor by it's buy price because your actual best saving is in reviewing its energy consumption.
A monitor is on a lot and consumes quite a bit of power. If you choose a monitor that saves $10 a month power, in 1 year you save $120. In 5 years you save $600. So a monitor that is $299 v's a monitor that is $499 (and uses less power) actual costs you more.

Always adjust your monitor's brightness down as much as is comfortable to you. This will save eye strain and reduce power consumption.
Buy a proper monitor stand. It raise the monitors, increases your desk space, and makes you look and feel more professional.
MouseAny Wireless with long battery life and great fit. Don't go for a cheap one 
KeyboardAny Wireless with long battery life. Do not go for a cheap one. Try them out. This is your main connection to the pc so get one that is comfortable, responsive, and 'feels' good
Operating system32 bit Windows
(Not 64 bit)
1) SoEasy installed on local PC's: SoEasy will run on any version of Windows that is 32 bit. It will not run on a 64 bit operating system.
2) SoEasy Web Version: Will run on any computer including Windows 32 & 64 bit OS, Mac, Android, and any device that can run Remote Desktop
AntivirusAnyWhy not use the FREE antivirus from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials? (Link)

To optimise SoEasy with your antivirus, in the setup area of the antivirus, exclude the SoEasy directory from the constant scan.
SoftwareAny1. Microsoft Office is an obvious choice for inclusion in your new computer.
2. SoEasy only requires that you have some kind of spreadsheet program that SoEasy can export reports to. Here is a free spreadsheet program from Kingsoft.
3. PDF creator such as PDF Creator. Download the free version but avoid installing anything other than the actual PDF Creator and Ghost Script driver. (During installation you will be asked if you want to install other applications. Say no.)
PrinterAnyLocal installation: Any printer
Web installation: Brother printers are good. Please enquire with support before purchasing a printer and we will check the model you are considering. PDF Creator is a standard printer drive used by our web version which allows you to use any printer you like. It can have some small alignment issues though but it does work. It is important to set up PDF Creator so that it automatically prints to the default printer and does not prompt you for decisions.
 Wedge type