You can set up and send SMS text directly from SoEasy to inform customers of things like:

  • Shoes ready to pick up
  • Your car is fixed
  • Your WOF is deu
  • Sale now on!
  • Service due, please contact us on 07123456789

You can set up pre-formatted messages (templates) and send them with a couple of clicks 

or in the situation where lots of reminders are to go out, you can select to send texts if customer mobile numbers are available.

You can even create marketing campaigns through the Platform > Document Despatch


  1. There is a one off text service set up fee of $65 + gst
  2. Texts cost 20c + gst per text.
    • Discounts available on bulk purchase:
    • 500 texts = .20c each
    • 1,000 texts = .19c each
    • 5,000 texts = .18c each
    • 10,000 texts = .16c each
  3. SoEasy keeps track of your texts. As you reach $10 credit you will be prompted to apply for more text credits.

The simplicity of the texting service saves you time and helps you get more done. 100 text a month may cost $20 but the time saving is greater than the small cost.

How is the service set up?

You must be either on our Web Hosted Services (Cloud)

or have purchased the Email Manager Module and had it set up on your local PCs

We configure the service to allow you to receive emails as a reply from a customer receiving a text


Text:  Hi John, your Holden SV6 Rego MYHOLDEN, is due for its WOF. Please reply with a suitable time for you to bring your car in and we can arrange the WOF. Kind regards MYMECHANIC 0712345678

Reply: The customer can either dial back or text back and you will receive the text as an email.

Set up SMS texting now by contacting us.