When moving from Cash Book to Platform, SoEasy automatically checks for a blank invoice record. This is how the issue happens and how to resolve it.

1. HOW IS IT CREATED? A blank invoice record is created because the invoice header file has become damaged. This is the file that contains the billing details.

This can happen because the file has been damaged through a system crash or network interference at the time of adding a payment or editing the invoice header.

2. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? At the occurrence of the issue, the invoice may appear blank

3: HOW TO REMOVE THE BLANK RECORD To remove the record, exit SoEasy and return to Platfom. You will be informed of the Blank Record and prompted to delete it, the default option.

Select YES

4: WHAT TO CHECK STEP 1: Check the last invoice transaction. There may be an issue you need to resolve. You can attempt to resolve it now or perform the next step and then resolve it.


Front Company Menu > Maintenance > Reorganise files <- Take a backup first

6: WHAT TO CHECK STEP 2 Check the last invoice and see if there is any issue to resolve.

A blank invoice record can cause many issues but they will be resolved once you remove the record and reorganise your files.