CryptoLocker is a ransom application that infects your computer system, and encrypts your files with a password you have to purchase from the perpetrators.

The be policy is to consider "What do we do to recover" rather than "Am I protected?":

Here are our suggestions:

PC Configuration:

1. Have your computer drives partitioned to:

C: = Programs Only

D: = Data only

PC Images

2. Each month/week take a full image copy of your computer (C & D) to a backup device

3. The image must be password protected

4. At each copy, retain the previous image. Aim for 2 or more images which you could recover from

5. Have more than 1 backup device and rotate the devices.

6. Test that the image can be recovered from

7. You should be able to recover from multiple images

Data Copy

8. Take a full image of the D: to a backup device each day

9. The image must be password protected

10. Perhaps have a backup device for each day of the week


a) Your Antivirus needs to protect you but it should not hinder you. Microsoft Security Essentials is a good product and it is free. 

Other free products are also good but if the antivirus causes your system to slow down, it is not good.

Sometimes it is advisable to use paid subscriptions such as ESET NOD 32, but even with these, you can still get infected. Best to follow 'Recovery Practices' and 'Security Practices"

Security Practices

1: Always check the email address

2: Never click on random links like:

Hey I thought you might be interested in this... 

Important, select this link

Email need to have  a certain structure such as;

Hi Ian

I was looking into security products and I found this interesting....