There are three types of system connection issues:

1. Windows Security refresh

Sometimes windows security can remove your saved passwords for Remote Desktop Connection.

If this is the case, please contact for the details of your account.

2: Program Issue
If there is a problem in the actual code of SoEasy, you will receive a message from SoEasy like this:

You may receive one or both of these dialog boxes.

If this event should happen, the system saves a record of the event and sends an automatic message to where we review the issues and provide a permanent solution usually within the next update.

If you are concerned about an issue, please email and we will be in touch quickly.

3: Data Issue
If there is something wrong with your database, you are prompted to ‘Reorganise your Files’. 

This is done by:

  1. Log every user off SoEasy
  2. Go to The Front Company Menu
  3. Select ‘Maintenance’, and select ‘Reorganise Files

4: Connectivity Issue

A) Server Side (our service)
If you are using our Managed Server Services, you may get a Remote Desktop dialog message when trying to connect to our services:

This message can appear for both Server Side and Client Side Connectivity Issues

If the issue is with our service, we will know about it immediately. 

The servers are monitored 24/7 by a team of qualified staff who have a wide range of resources available to them to resolve issues quickly. 

In all cases, we deploy an email to all affected customers informing them of: 

a) The issue 

b) When the issue has been resolved. 

For us this is a top level issue and you can be sure we are resolving it.

B) Client Side (An issue with your local systems)

Connectivity issues are usually Client Side in that you have an Internet Connectivity Issue. 

This can be difficult for people and IT staff to understand because they can go onto a web page without an apparent problem but not their Managed Server Services.

The Reason? Web Pages are held in your computer’s local cache and if a temporary disconnection of the Internet were to occur, the crash handling nature of the web page services would resolve the issue without you noticing. However in Managed Server Services, when your computer connects to the service, a security pipeline is created between your PC and the server. If your Internet disconnects, even temporarily, the secure pipeline is broken and you will be disconnected.

When you try to reconnect you can receive a dialog such as:

This means there is no connection at all

These dialogs can mean that a connection was broken and now you service has to re-boot to re-establish the secure pipeline.

A) A fast solution

  1. Reboot all your computer and Internet equipment
  2. If the problem persists, see the Diagnostic Approach

B) Diagnostic Approach using the Event Viewer application on your PC

If it is only one PC having the issue:

  1. Open the computer’s ‘eventvwr’ and filter Critical, Warning, and Error Messages. See START > Run > eventvwr > Windows Logs …
  2. See notes on Eventvwr below

If it is all computers having the issue:

  1. Reboot your router and computers
  2. See if the issue is resolved
  3. Check with your ISP that there are no Internet Issues
  4. Check the ‘eventvwr’ as in the previous section.

Event Viewer

To run the Event Viewer, type into the Run command on your PC, 

eventvwr (< exactly as spelt here) 

or go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

Eventvwr messages can be difficult to read and understand. 

It is a good idea to take notice of the time of disconnection and see if you can identify an event in the eventvwr that occurred at the same time.

Another approach is to clear the eventvwr, operate SoEasy, and as soon as a crash occurs, review the eventvwr records.

By googling the eventvwr messages, you can usually see what the issue is and how to resolve it.

You must review all sections of the Event Viewer such as Applications, Security, Setup, System and other topics as there is important information to be gained.

You want NO Critical, Warning, or Error messages

If you have them, and they are not resolved, then there is an issue on the PC. 

Some events are not going to be affecting the Internet but the fact that there are issues on the PC, they will in some way impact on the performance of the system.


Internet Disconnections can be very frustrating and it is logical to think that if your web pages are working, then there is nothing wrong with the Internet. 

This is an incorrect assumption. Most sites operate with no issues but if you have a problem and it is not resolved, the problem can continue to plague you for a very long time and in some cases, years. 

Our experience is that an unresolved issue will be as a result of your IT service not knowing how to diagnose or resolve the issue and concluding that it must be our service that is causing the problem. 

This is not the case as we would be unable to maintain a constantly disconnecting service throughout our client base.

We monitor our services and diligently resolve any issues with no financial or time cost spared.

We are happy to work with your IT provider to resolve an issue and should they have any doubt, please get them to contact us as we will gladly help them.