Paralle's Client

We recommend the use of this product for remote desktop connection on non Windows based platforms:

File Sharing Options

This link will take you to the Parallels tutorial on establishing file share between your MAC and SoEasy. To share files between your PC and SoEasy, you need to establish the shared 'BANK' directory as described below.'s%20Guide/32922.htm 

New Standards for Mac Installations

To eliminate issues occurring in Mac installations, as at the 24 May 2018 we have set the following standard for shared local folder settings.

1. Create the Downloads\SOEASY folder

2. Open the new SOEASY folder, and create a new folder called BANK

This is where you will save files that you wish to upload to SoEasy or where downloaded files will collect.

3. Install Parallels Client

  1. Install Parallels Client
  2. Add a New Connection. Settings should have been sent to you. If not please contact us

  3. Use the connection instructions supplied to you and setup a New Connection

  4. For the New Connection, go to the 'Local Resources Tab' and follow the next section

To set up a shared path

  1. Select 'Local Resources"
  2. Check 'Disk Drives'
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Add a folder... locate the SOEASY directory you just created and 'Open' it
  5. This will become the folder that SoEasy will locate and use for importing bank files, and exporting files

A common error is to select the BANK Directory. Only select the SOEASY directory

Local Folder Connection Test

To test your settings, open SoEasy through Parallels

1: Go to 'COA + Accrual'

2: Go to 'Accounts' 

3: Select 'Export'

4: You will be asked for a file name and perhaps configuration settings, and eventually you will be asked which system you are using:

Choose 'Apple'

5: You should now see the file created under Downloads\SOEASY\BANK

Printer setup

Install the Mac 'Client' version of Terminal Works

Downloading the bank file 'soeasy.qif'

When downloading your bank's transactional file, be sure to save it to the correct location on your Mac:


Did this complete your Mac installation?

If not please contact us: