This is a quick instruction on how to connect to our managed server services.

In your application email you will receive 3 pieces of information:

  • computer name
  • user name
  • password - will be text to you. Please reply to the email with your cellphone number and they will send you your password via text message

1: Install the CLIENT Printer Driver

Download and run The Print Server CLIENT  by clicking on the link below

PRINT SERVER CLIENT Look for the RED option.

2: Open Remote Desktop Services on your computer

It is usually found by selecting the Windows Key (Bottom left side), and typing 'Remote D'

Remote Desktop would normally show as a application you can open

3: Setup Remote Desktop

a) Select 'Show Options' and work through the tabs as follows:

4: General Tab

a) Enter the Computer (as per the email)

b) Enter the Username (as per the email)

c) Tick "Allow me to save credentials'

5: Display Tab

a) Full Screen (or as you require)

b) High Colour (16 bit)

6: Local Resources

a) Tick Printers, Clipboard

b) Select 'More' and set the Local C drive as ticked

7: Go back to the General Tab

a) Save As the Connection Settings and save it as SoEasy Web to your Desktop

8: Run the Icon

When you run the SoEasy Web icon for the first time, you will be asked to enter your password. Enter your password as per the text you received

Any problems please contact support.