NOTE: If you are wanting to view previous years sales or creditor accounts, in most cases you can do this in the current year's data as this information is kept within the system unless you archive it.

The method of reviewing previous years was changed in May 2020.

  1. Go to the Front Company Menu and select the TAB 'Previous Years'

  2. Select which organisation you want to view and a dialog box will appear with previous years you have rolled over inside SoEasy

  3. Select the Year. If the year's data needs upgrading you will be presented with a dialog box asking which version to upgrade. (If in doubt about this please email support and we will assist in updating your previous year's data.

    If your old version number is not listed in the dialog box, support may need to perform the update for you.
    There is no charge for this so please get hold of support if you have a problem.

  4. Once an update is complete, the system will close down. Go back and reload the previous year and you should be able to view your previous year's transactions.