To add a creditor's invoice into SoEasy's Creditors Module:

  1. Make sure the creditor is loaded in the Database
    Add the supplier to the Platform > Database
    1. Make sure to set them as:
      1. What will this contact be? = 'Supplier' or 'Both'
      2. Group Abbreviation = "S" or what you have set your suppliers as
  2. Go to Platform > and select either the Creditor in the Database or Select the "Creditors" tab
      There are several buttons
      1. Work With Creditors = Scroll through individual creditors
      2. Review All Bills = List all creditors
      3. Repeat Bills = Set a repeating creditor's invoice
      There is a Creditors button at the Top of the screen
  3. When you are working with an individual Creditor in the 'Creditors Accounts/Make a Payment screen there are many options

    1. ADDING AN INVOICE/CREDIT NOTE > Select "Add Inv/Credit Note" at the bottom of the screen
      1. From here you can add an Invoice or a Credit Note
    2. ADDING A REFUND > Select 'Receive Refund" at bottom of the screen
    3. MAKING A PAYMENT > 'Select "Payment" at the bottom of the screen
    4. EDIT AN ENTRY > Click on it with your mouse