We typically use TeamViewer to provide remote support services.

How to stop your existing version of TeamViewer

If you already have TeamViewer running on your PC, SoEasy's TV will not be able to connect.

Solution: Close your existing TV by:

1: Right click your mouse on your Status Bar (The bar that shows at the bottom of your Desktop

2: From the menu that appears, choose "Task Manager"

3: Select 'Processes' and scroll the list until you find TeamViewer

4: Right click on the listing and from the drop down menu, select 'End Task'

Now SoEasy's Team Viewer can be run as follows:

1: Activating TeamViewer via your PC installed SoEasy (not the Web Version)

  1. Open SoEasy
  2. Select the Help button
  3. Select "TeamViewer - Remote Support"
  4. Follow the program prompts
  5. Email support YOUR ID number

2: Activating TeamViewer if you are on the Web Version of SoEasy
  1. You may already have TeamViewer installed on your local PC.
    Look for the icon:

     If found double click the icon
  2. If not found, select the link below these instructions,
    Scroll down the page of the support web page and select TeamViewer
    If possible, save the file to your desktop
    Run the program
  3. Follow the program prompts

  4. Email support YOUR ID number

To Stop Teamviewer from Automatically starting

  1. Start Search or Run
  2. Type 'msconfig'
  3. Select 'Services' tab
  4. Look for 'Teamviewer '
  5. De-select it and select 'OK'
  6. Reboot PC