6/9/2016 Deployment Issues

There have been few issues with the conversion of existing customers to the new servers.

Issue 1: RemoteApps v's Remote Desktop

RemoteApps had a security issue with Windows 7-10 as in Windows Security did not recognise the Windows RemoteApp and would eventually disavow access.

We have moved users back into Remote Desktop and will look for a better deployment technique.

Issue 2: Printer Default

TS Works (the printer driver used to communicate between the server and user) changes the default printer.

We are still working on a solution.

Issue 3: Statement Run

When emailing statements, the PDF creation was taking too long and the 'send' procedure would see the file name in the email directory and think it was OK to send. However the file had not been completely rendered and so the actual PDF was not sent. The solution was to speed up the PDF creation and rework SoEasy's email code.

During this solution we noticed that there are actually 5 different email functions (due to the evolution of SoEasy over many years), and it was decided to create a new global email function during the period 6/9/2016 to 10/9/2016.

The new version will:

  • Use one central repository file to process emails and sms
  • On completion of the send, update the customer sent records and archive the originally sent PDF. Users will have to purchase space to store the PDFs and backup options will need to be addressed
  • Allow the complete re-send of an email
  • Allow the complete re-send of a statement run

The new email management system will be released on Friday 9th September

All other print management will be directed through this utility and a full audit trail of all reports by which user will be created.


Our new 2008 Windows Servers are now deployed.

The servers are built with security and performance in mind and provide our customers with safe housing and access to their SoEasy applications.

(If you have purchased your SoEasy software, you actually own your SoEasy Software Licence as opposed to leasing access.)

We have introduced a global printer driver which automatically configures your local printer with the servers so there is no need to manage the multitude of printers that are available.

In August 2016 we are introducing three new features to our Managed Server Services (MSS) which will save customers a lot of time and effort. 

These services are:

  1. Weekly automatic Reorganisation of Files
  2. Automatic updates
  3. Automatic issue and resolution monitoring

We are also building the help desk system directly into the MSS platform so that you can have instant answers to any question.

MSS Benefits

  1. Access SoEasy from anywhere
  2. Use SoEasy on almost every device including smartphones, androids, tablets, apple, and more
  3. Eliminate software management and maintenance issues
  4. The best possible Security
  5. Achieve a global business network
  6. Lower cost than trying to achieve the same model
  7. The fastes possible application speeds delivered over the internet
  8. Faster than browser based applications
  9. Enable staff to work from home or on the road
  10. Support the ongoing development of SoEasy

Time and Job Management

We are currently testing our new Time Maximiser application which can run on any device including your smartphone.

1. Create a job inside SoEasy

2. Assign it to a staff member

3. They receive the job on their phone

4. As they process the job they keep track of time, items, materials, health and safety, and notes

5. Communication between all parties is maintained with the ability to send SMS Texts and emails to customers directly from the application so that their is a historical trail

6. On completion, there are several ways to finalise the job including office staff reviewing the work and sending the customer the invoice.

This module can be customised to suit your requirements.

Due for release in September 2016. Please contact support for details.

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September 2016 Goals

There is one primary goal in September/October and that is the introduction of the new accrual system.

This is no ordinary accrual and is the result of 28 years of research. 

The accrual collects data from every entry in the system and reports on your:

  • Budgets
  • Financial Performance
  • Analysis of Financial Performance
  • Projections
  • Suggested Business Activity Improvements

Its arrival will be very significant to your business success and your accountant will love it. It will become your best advisor and will define the future of your business progression through the accrual's various modules.

We are very excited to be working in this area.

Thank you for being a SoEasy supporter :)

Historical Notes

1/9/2016 - SoEasy's cloud1 servers were decommissioned

New servers are potentially 5 times faster and are using less resources.