The re-write of SoEasy into the newer platforms is progressing.

Although much research has been conducted into technologies, it has been difficult to make final choices as there have been many factors to consider.

Without going into too much detail; the current development pathway is:

  1. Establishment of the database and location services on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Establishment of queue services such as push, email and sms
  3. Database development using MySQL
  4. Establishment of migration services from the existing SoEasy database functionality to MySQL
  5. Graphics development for icons, buttons, and look and feel
  6. Product road map gantt where we are using a project management software to assist in the roll out
  7. Design of the support pages
  8. Design of the training programs
  9. The hybrid concept (independent modules automatically reporting back to the back office when in range)
  10. Structural containerisation of the existing product
  11. Conversion of existing code which is processed by module and then by function
    1. The existing model
    2. The adjustments
    3. The final build
    4. Test
  12. Release

We already have the 'Business Processes Logic' but there are refinements to be incorporated such as:

  1. Multi Lingual provisioning
  2. Multi Tax
  3. Refinement of singular data concepts
  4. Globalisation
  5. Portability
  6. Devices
  7. Reporting
  8. Look and feel of the product
  9. Security


Education is playing a major roll in this re-build. Apart for the 30 years of SME experience this rebuild has included:

  1. Review of target market and end user staff size
  2. Review of programming languages
  3. Investigation into the port of SoEasy to the new Superbase lauguage
  4. 2 years of Waikato University study in the Bachelor of Business Analytics course
  5. Structural reviews of database modeling and syntax coding practices
  6. End user discussion groups within specific industries
  7. Stakeholder engagement with business professional groups
  8. Microsoft conferences and training programs
  9. AWS certification
  10. Android training and certification
  11. Oracle Java training and certification

As at April 2018 we are solid as to what the project process is and what tools are to be used.

There are several additional training components being undertaken this month as we jostle the final decisions between actually re-writing SoEasy and refining techniques and tools but the game is on.

Roll-out Schedule

There has been no specific roll-out plan set as it is too early to tell. A problem for the roll-out is that we are changing environments completely. 

This means that we have to finish a lot of modules/containers before people can use the new version.

However once we get started the process should be fairly quick.

For example, the entire Cash Book may only take 2 weeks to complete as we have already developed, tried and tested, the business process. Time will tell.

Our current written goal is to have the core released by October 2018 but this is not a guarantee.

What to Expect in April

Based on the understanding that it is beneficial to get the models 100% right before conversion; it has been decided to spend one more month on the old code. 

There are areas we want to improve which include:

  1. Debtors and Creditors ledgers
  2. Cash Book
  3. Accrual General Ledger
  4. Job Managemnet
  5. Reporting

We will not be able to resolve all known issues and it is near impossible for a customer to get a special project during 2018 as the conversion it is a full-time project.


Support of the existing product is paramount and we will be pushing out updates during April but avoiding any further updates after this month.

A two day video session has been set aside at the end of April to create approximately 6 hours of videos (5 minutes each), covering the existing product.

How Can You help?

  1. Accounts paid on time to help our cash flow
  2. Email questions to so we can document a response or send a structured response
  3. Keep your communications as brief as possible. Please avoid long transcripts and keep to the points
  4. Minimize communications. If you have a problem we want to hear from you. We will reply quickly and be concise.
  5. Review our updates for information on the build


Will my existing data convert to the new version? 


When will the new version be ready? 

We don't know and wont know for some time. Our update news will provide an indication

I need help

No problem. Please email your request to unless it is critical and in that case, please contact us

The next update will be in May where we will include information about the available videos.