To print from SoEasy's Managed Cloud Server Service, just install TSPrint Client on to your computer by clicking this download button, and running the TSPrint installer.


  1. Windows Download
  2. Mac OS x (10.6)
  3. Mac OS x (10.7 and newer)
  4. Linux

Once installed SoEasy will automatically print to your Default Printer set up on your local PC.

To print to another printer, here are the options:

  1. Change your local PC's default printer. Click for instructions   (Win 7)     (Win 10)
  2. Map to another printer using the following instructions: Map to another printer
  3. To see how TS Print is set up; open All Programs > TerminalWorks > TSPrint/Options and tick 'Show Printer Settings'

For difficult printer settings we can use Windows Printer Driver mapping.

If you need additional help please contact us.