If you have changed your email address you will also need to update SoEasy with the changes.

Sometimes it is an easy change and other times it is not. You may like to engage our services to help you set this up. If so please click here

*Please note, there is a small charge for setting up email settings.

There are TWO different setups which depend on your version of SoEasy:


OPTION 1: LOCAL INSTALLATION - Your SoEasy is installed on your local computer system

To configure your new email settings, you will need:

  1. Your email address
  2. You Outgoing Email Server settings (SMTP)
  3. Does your ISP require Authentication? 
    1. If so you will need to install stunnel and this is best done by support*
    2. If not you may need to change your Outgoing server port. It is usually 25

IMPORTANT: The Biggest issues for setting up email address details are:

  • Trying the wrong email password
  • Changing ISP (Internet Service Providers) and not changing the setting in SoEasy
  • ISP moving to a Authenticated service and people not installing stunnel

OPTION 2: CLOUD SERVICES - Your SoEasy is hosted on our Cloud Servers

To configure your new email settings, you will need:

  1. Your email address
    1. You require nothing else as your email service is configured by support


  1. Go to Cash Book - Set up - Email Services
  2. Select 'Email System Setup'
  3. Add entries for
    1. Default Email Address

      The following settings are not required on our Web Services
    2. Outgoing server
    3. Authentication (only set if Authentication is required)
      1. User Name
      2. Password
    4. Outgoing server port (usually 25)


  1. Go to Cash Book - Set up - Email Services
  2. Select 'Test Email'
  3. Send an email to yourself
  4. Did you receive it?
    1. No
      1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
      2. Check your settings
      3. Do you require Authentication? Ask your ISP and if so, get the settings. You will also need to install stunnel on each computer
    2. Yes
      1. You are set up

Authentication Required

If your ISP requires Authentication and you are not on our Web Services, you will need to set up as follows:

  1. Get the following information from your ISP
    1. Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP)
    2. User Name
    3. Password
    4. Outgoing Server Port
  2. Download and install stunnel into the C:\SOEASY\STUNNEL directory
    1. Click here and Download the Stunnel installer with exe extension
    2. Run the installer and install to the SOEASY\STUNNEL directory
      1. During installation, you only require the 'Core' files
      2. Set the installation directory to SOEASY\STUNNEL (if it does not exist, create it)
      3. Run Stunnel during the installation. If you don't do this:
        1. Go to SOEASY\STUNNEL\BIN
        2. Double click the stunnel application file
      4. Look in the bottom right 'Task Bar', show hidden icons, and right click on the 'stunnel server' (green circles)
      5. Select 'Edit Configuration' and open in Notepad
      6. Select all the text in the file and delete it
      7. Replace the text with one of the options below:

        client = yes
        accept =
        connect = send.xtra.co.nz:465

      8. Save and replace the configuration file
      9. Repeat step 4 above and select the option 'Reload configuration'
  3. Set up Stunnel to automatically load each time you load your operating system
    1. Google 'How to how to add a startup program' and select your operating system
    2. You want to add the SOEASY\STUNNEL\BIN\stunnel.exe file to the startup procedure of your computer
  4. You need to set up stunnel on each PC that uses SoEasy
    1. Exit SoEasy on each PC, reload SoEasy, and perform the test above 'To Test Email Settings'
    2. If sending an email does not work, work through all setup procedures again