It is understandable to think that if you send an email from SoEasy and the intended recipient does not receive it, it must be a SoEasy problem. This is not always the case.

Fighting spam is an ongoing battle for the entire industry so changes in email policies are being made every second so what worked yesterday, may not work today.

Here is a list of issues that affect SoEasy's emailing capabilities:

SoEasy emailing issue:

1. The settings inside SoEasy are incorrect

None SoEasy issues:

1. The Intended recipients email address is incorrect

2. You have not created an SPF record (see How to set up an SPF record for SoEasy's Web Version)

3. You have broken the emailing rules of conduct

4. You have been 'blacklisted' by an ISP (see Google, iCloud)

5. The recipient's email system does not allow your email address

6. The recipient has marked you as spam

7. Random email delivery failures

8. Optional DKIM Setting

But I can send from Outlook?

If you send an email from Outlook, or your Gmail, your email may get through to a contact because there are higher authentication systems in place for 'big name' systems.

How to solve an email issue

The steps to resolve email send issues are:

  1. From SoEasy send yourself an email
    1. If you receive it then then system is probably set up correctly

  2. From SoEasy send an email to someone you know and ask then if they received it
    1. If they receive it then the email issue will be specific to a contact

  3. Email the contact and see if you get a rejection message.
    a) Read the message. There should be information that will help you or your IT Department resolve the issue
    b) Call the contact and tell them of the issue you are having. See if there is something they can do at their end
    c) Forward the message to and we can look at the message
    a) Call the contact and tell them of the issue you are having. See if there is something they can do at their end

  4. Find out who their email service provider is and find out how to contact them (Google the company's details)
    1. How to find out the contacts smtp (Find smtp server) (What is smtp?)
    2. Contact the provider and identify your email address, who you are sending to, and ask the provider to trace and tell you what happens

Case Files

Historically we have reviewed a lot of 'email X File cases' and the solutions are always provided in the following order:

  1. Users email setting have changed but have not been changed in SoEasy
    • Go to Cash Book > Set up > Email Settings
  2. The contacts email is loaded into SoEasy incorrectly
  3. SPF records have not been set up
  4. The contact's email system policy has been broken and you are blacklisted
  5. The contact has inadvertently marked your address as a spam email or not authorised the receipt of emails from you.