To set up SMS texting service inside SoEasy, just email us and request the service

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There is a one off setup charge of half an hour labour.

Texts cost 20c + gst per text.

Discounts available on bulk purchase:

   500 texts = .20c

1,000 texts = .19c

5,000 texts = .18c

10,000 texts = .16c

SoEasy keeps track of your texts. As you reach $10 credit you will be prompted to apply for more text credits. Just email support and they will set up the credit.

How To Use SMS Text

1. Set up your SMS messages

For the MY Mechanic WOF and Service reminders, the messages are created for you.

Your WOF/SERVICE for vehicle MAKE + REGO NUMBER is due soon. Please check the labels on your windscreen. Call COMPANY + number to book now.

Additional messages can be set up:

  1. Platform - Database - Emails Sent
  2. Top right of screen 'Set up Templates'
  3. "Make Templates"
  4. In the dialog choose that it is an SMS Text Message
  5. Max characters are 140.

2: To Send a Message

On relevant screens select the 'Send Text' button

3: To set up an SMS Text Template

  1. Go to Platform Main Menu
  2. Select 'Document Despatch'
  3. Select the top tab 'Templates'
  4. Select 'Make Template'
  5. Make sure to select the 'SMS Text Message' option