Email Addresses

a) Every contact in the database has a primary email address loaded when you add a contact.

b) If this is the only email address, then all emails will go to this person.

c) Under the STAFF button, you can add additional email addresses for the company including the Accounts Person

d) IF an accounts person is loaded then this person will receive all batch run statements and batch run Invoices

e) IF a single email is being sent then you will be presented a list of potential recipients

Bill Someone Else

a) When you set a customer up with 'Bill Someone Else' > Database > Customers Tab > Change Billing there are two options:

Option 1: Create Invoice for Another Contact: 

a) Invoice and Statement will go to the accounts person identified in the Head Office Company

Option 2: Create Invoice for this contact but place on a Head Office Statement

a) Invoice will go to the accounts person in the billing company

b) Statement will go to the accounts person in Head Office