The Maintenance of files function is 90% complete. It is so essential because if not maintained, files can corrupt and data can be lost.

Previously SoEasy could fail when reorganising files due to a variety of circumstances, and users not maintaining files also causes many support issues.

Although these issues were not something that happened often, it was a statistical probability, and if you imagine thousands of users of SoEasy, this is a major support scenario that needs to be resolved in this build.

The new maintenance procedure is faster and more efficient.

The 10% still to complete is that reorganising files happens automatically.

  1. On the due date, at the end of the day, the last user to logoff the system is prompted to run Speed Files
  2. If the user agrees, the function takes a local backup, runs the procedure and locks all other users out until the process is complete
  3. If the user declines, the system will run the same request the following day until the user runs the procedure
  4. A full audit trail is maintained

If Speed Files Fails:

The function is highly unlikely to fail due to the build, however, if it does fail or identify an issue:

  1. The system advises the user, company administrator (via email), and automatically emails SoEasy support with the issue
  2. To solve the problem, the backup can be restored. The emails sent to the Administrator informs them on how to resolve the problem.

Network Lock Files:

A frequent support issue can arise due to corrupted network lock and control files. This is being resolved as part of the Speed Files function where, when the last user logs off at the end of the day, SoEasy automatically deletes:

  1. Network lock and control files
  2. Temp files

Language Module

The method for managing the Language of forms, dialogs, and messages has been established.

Personal Note: Now approaching 4:00 am and I have worked solid from 7:00 am. 3 hours sleep as I am up at 7:00 am.

I really like the new Speed Files function. It is clean, simple and I see it saving everyone a great deal of time and support enquiries.

Training will be minimum whereas in the past, it has always been something we have had to spend time on. I have seen users ignore the prompts to reorganise files for years.

Was it worth 10 hours of coding? Yes :)