This is the first screen that appears when you open up SoEasy.

The advanced features are;

Backup > Backup now

Zip your current year's data to your local C:\BANK directory


Your data files have a lot of daily activities that causes them a lot of stress and it is important to the reorganise the files on a regular basis.

  1. Make sure all users are logged off SoEasy
  2. Take a back up
  3. Reorganise your files

Printer Setup

Managed Server Printer Drive installation link

If you are using our managed web services the best printer configuration is:

Configure: Select the bottom printer settings option and in the dialogue, select the option No and select the Save Key

Set Printers: To configure which printer drivers will be used for the different printouts:  

General Printer

  1. Select Reports and then choose the specific printer TSPrintDefault 
    This will mean that reports will be printed to your local default printer as set up on your local computer.  
    If you should ever change your local printer, SoEasy will automatically print to your new default printer.
  2. When you select OK you'll be prompted to set all printer settings to the selected printer. Select Yes.  
    This will set most of the other printer options to TSPrintDefault.  
  3. To change a specific printer setting, click on the name of the printer target.

PDF Printer: The PDF Printer is a special printer target.  

When SoEasy presents an option to output a report to PDF, this is the printer driver that is used.

  1. Select PDF Printer 
  2. Select TSPrint PDF

Job Card Printer: If you want to set a specific job card printer;

  1. Select Job Cards - A4 and choose TSPrint Printer.
  2. When you next print a job card you will be asked which local printer you want to set as the TSPrint Printer.

Choosing a Printer

If you can send a report to a window, you can select the printer you wish to output to.

Company Set Up

Auto Start set to yes will automatically start of the first company on the list when SoEasy is opened.

Screen Resolution

If you would like the taskbar of your local PC to show at the bottom of the SoEasy screen:

  1. Edit the remote desktop icon by right clicking on it and selecting open with notepad.
  2. Edit the settings:
  3. screen mode id:i:1

    use multimon:i:0



    session bpp:i:16

  4. And save.
  5. Open up SoEasy, and in the Main Company Access Menu select Options.
  6. Check the box, deduct 40 pixels off bottom of screen display, and select OK.