To print from out Managed Server Services, simply install the TSPrint Client and the rest of the process is automatic.

  1. Select here to Download the TSPrint Client for your local computer 
  2. Or go to TerminalWorks Download Centre and Download and install the Client.

To print to another printer, here are the options:

  1. Just change your local PC's default printer and TS Print Client will automatically configure its self
  2. Map to another printer using the following instructions: Map to another printer

To print to PDF

Please read through the Advanced Printer Instruction Manual. Easily read up and follow the pictures to configure advanced printing features such as PDF Printing,

To see the TS Print Settings

Open All Programs > TerminalWorks > TSPrint > Options and tick 'Show Printer Settings'

Difficult Printer Settings

For difficult printer settings we can use a Windows Printer Driver mapping