The Site Training Program service operates as follows:

  1. Email and provide the following information for all staff you wish to be trained:
    Required information: Name, Email address, Contact DDI, Position

  2. A suitable Tutor is assigned and a personal training schedule is created
  3. At any time you can go into your training schedule and review a topic
  4. On a daily basis you will receive an email regarding a particular training topic. Please complete the lesson and be sure to update the training schedule with your progress
  5. If you discover an issue or would like to request a feature*, there is a specific 'Issue' sheet link displayed in the Training Schedule. Click on it and complete the details

How to Book a Personalised Site Training Program

Please contact us through this link:


It is not expensive to engage a Site Training Program. Please contact us for a quote.

Request a Feature

Please review our development policies.