Like all software, the product 'SoEasy' has been written to a particular standard.

It is impossible to say that SoEasy will have all the functions and features you require and it is essential that you review the demonstration software to make an informed decision as to whether it will suit your needs.

A suggested list of important things to consider of all software are:

  1. Do I like the look and feel of the program?
  2. Does it have the main functions I am looking for?
  3. Does it suit my staff's needs?
  4. How easy is it going to be to get my existing data into the system?
  5. What is the on-going support program offered by the software developers?
    1. What times is support available
    2. What does it cost?
  6. What support resources are available?
  7. Can I get training?
  8. Can I get a modification made?

In all software, there will always be features that your would like, and maybe even consider should be in the program, but are not.

In the case of SoEasy, if you should find a feature missing, there are two methods of dealing with this issue:

Method 1: Detail the suggestion on our Modification Request web page

Method 2: Engage in a paid project

For additional terms please refer to the software licencing agreement.