There are three locations for Reports:

Screen and Printout

When a report is simple, we usually provide a screen and printout option.


If you send a report to the Window, here is what you can do with it:

Choose a Printer

You can decide which printer you would like to send this particular report to:

If you are running on our 'Managed Server Services', these are the printer options:

Local default printer    TSPrint Default
Printer on your computerTSPrint Print

To understand and set up Managed Server Printer, please review this document:


If there is a lot of data and the user may require a specific report configuration, we provide a spreadsheet export function.

Spreadsheets provide you with the best method of viewing data and creating the results you would like.

To learn more about how to use spreadsheets generated by SoEasy please watch the following two short videos:

1: How to set up your local Bank Directory (where files are exported to)

2: Exporting a file from SoEasy and working with it