Managed Server Services are where we take your SoEasy program and data, and put them onto our managed servers located in Auckland and Wellington. 

We look after the updates, general maintenance and deliver a very fast program experience*

This service is delivered under the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection method.

You still own your program and data, we just look after it all for you.


  1. No server issues as we resolve them all with a team of on-hand qualified technicians 24/7.
  2. Fast programing experience which means you get more done in less time.
  3. Run on any computer including Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Android and via the web
  4. Work from anywhere
  5. We automatically keep you up-to-date
  6. Automatic daily backups are performed for you. We still recommend taking a backup but we are your first go to for any recovery requirements.
  7. Support program is included


If you do not already own your own SoEasy software, you will need to purchase or enquire about leasing.

To transfer existing customers there is a one off set up fee of $200

Monthly contract $59.95 + gst per user

Can I get a Demonstration?

Yes please contact us.

How do I transfer to SoEasy's Managed Server Services?

Please contact us.

*Very Fast Program Experience

Our servers are latest technology industrial grade servers with solid state drives, hardware file walls, and effective backup systems and will perform at a constant speed under normal circumstances. We use printer technology to deliver very fast local printing to print, pdf, file download (spreadsheets).

The server speeds will be very fast but your experience can be influenced by your Internet service, and PC maintenance.

If you have a speed issue please review this page: