Our servers are constantly monitored by our support department, a contract server management team, and independent third party services to ensure we deliver a 99.99% uptime and speed.

They are fully supported high performance industrial grade servers.

If you are having connection issues, and we have not informed you of an issue (If we have your email address, we inform of outages usually within 180 seconds of one happening), then in all probability the issue is at your side.

Connection and speed issues can be caused by a multitude of things .  

Is it just your computer ?  

If there are other computers in your office, ask the users if their internet speed is playing up?

If it's just your computer having an Internet speed issue then is likely that you have an issue with your computer's operating system.

1: TASK MANAGER: Check your Task Manager and see what is occurring. 

2: EVENTVWR: Open your eventvwr and see if there are any issues being reported. If so it is worthwhile resolving them.

3: SPEEDTEST: Perform an Internet Speed Test and review the article on results

4:OPERATING SYSTEM: Is your operating system trying to update or is it out-of-date?

Is it everyone's Computer?


  1. Switch off your computers
  2. Switch off your router and count for 20 seconds
  3. Switch on your router and wait for a solid or semi solid internet connection symbol (usually within 120 seconds)
  4. Switch on your computers
  5. Check your Task Manager Performance (Right click your Windows Taskbar and select 'Task Manager')

2: ISP: Contact your Internet Service Provider

This subject is not fully covered here but there will be more to follow.