To reverse engineer the existing version of SoEasy we are reviewing all functions and procedures inside the current version.

As we do so we are:

  1. Containerising the code so that each module has its own folder, and each function has its own code file
  2. Preparing the tutorials and identifying issues, difficulties and methods of improving the features of the various functions.
  3. For example; the sales report module is being completely re-written so that it provides a greater range of information but in a simpler way.
  4. The new version also integrates the Call Centre Module so that you can perform a query such as:
    1. Find me everyone who bought a pool table last year and tell me of sales performance
    2. Populate the Call Centre module with names and addresses so that we can call them
    3. Send an email to them to let them know we have a service special on
  5. Once the module/function has been reviewed we produce a pictorial training session and make it available on our support web
  6. At the end of the month we set aside two days to make training videos that show you how to use the functions.

For more details please see

We have called this process the 'Containerisation Period'.

There are some difficulties in rolling out this model but we are working through the issues and should soon have the methods fine tuned to second nature shortly.

Once we have finished the sales reporting module we are working on the accrual which is actually almost completed. It only requires a few tweeks and it is perfect. 

The accrual is the foundation for all financial ledgers and is exceptionally important. More about this later 

The next module being containerised is the debtors ledger. This ledger is the one that controls statements and so once we have debtors completed, we will be rebuilding the statement procedure.

The method being used to review debtors is to simplify everything. It will be the smoothest debtors ledger possible and will achieve a 100% de-complication of all things related to debtors management.

Another update will be out at the end of April.

New Report Function Layout