SoEasy currently uses the period stock take system where 'periodically' you should take a stock take to work out the value of your stock.

How to get to the Stock Take Section:

The Stock Take Procedure will show.

The Manual Process

Example of the report. Notice this report is in the order of Supplier then code.

Once complete, come back to SoEasy and select the 'Update Stock from above Form'.

Printing the Stock Valuation Report

The Scanner Process

The Scanner Process requires that each product has a barcode and that the barcode is entered  into the Product Register as either the Code or OpCode.

As you use the scanning method you can also adjust other settings.

Scan/type in the code just updates the stock values

'As above but also adjust settings allows you to change a lot of the product's settings:

Choose the method that suits your purpose and start scanning. You can start/stop at any time and return to the procesas.

SoEasy date stamps each product with the date it was last stock taked so later on in the stock take process you can review your work.

Review Non Stock Takes Items

This function allows you to review what items have not been stock takes at a certain date and edit the values to suit.

Zero the Value of Non Stock Taked Items

The final button allows you to zero non stock taked items.

1: Select 'Zero the value of Non Stock Taked Items'

2: Type in the access code 'ZERO STOCK'

3:  Enter the date you completed the stock take

All items that were not date stamped with a stock take date, will be zeroed in quantity.

4: Print reports

Procedure Complete