Creating a Memorised Transaction

When adding a transaction into the cash book, you can memorise it and recall it later.

When you 'Accept' the transaction you will be prompted for an abbreviation that can be used in future to recall the memorised transaction.

How to recall a Memorised Transaction

When you wish to recall the transaction, enter the abbreviation and select 'Accept'.

The memorised transaction details will appear which you can edit to suit.

Editing a Memorised Transaction

At the Cash Book "Add Transactions' screen, select the menu option "Utilities' and choose 'Memorised Transactions'.

Importing your Cash Book and Master Profiles

If you import your transactions from your bank's web portal, the memorised transactions are known as "Master Profiles'.

Master Profiles are more sophisticated than normal memorised transactions because they perform a lot of functions:

  1. Add transactions to the bank account and accrual
  2. Update Debtors (Customers ) account details
  3. Update Creditor (Suppliers) account details

They can be edited as follows:

Cash Book > Import Wizard > View/Edit Master Profiles

To learn more about importing your Bank Transactions please select here.

End of Tutorial Section