Consider the following situations:

QUESTION 1: Is this a permanent company name change? If Yes, then edit their details in the Database first

QUESTION 2: Is the Invoice Closed? Yes = Open the Invoice. If you do not know how to open the Invoice please see your Administrator or ask support

How to change the name on an invoice

  1. Go to the Invoice, select the menu option 'Fix" and select "Change Billing Details'.

  2. A list of customers will appear. Select the correct customer (name changed customer)

  3. You will receive a dialog saying:

    Select 'OK'

  4. The company list will reappear but it will bring you to the beginning of the letters you typed in:

  5. Select 'OK' and the invoice name will be changed

  6. Not all details get changed so make sure everything is ok by selecting the header with your mouse and reviewing the details