Very Important

SoEasy is in the process of a re-write and part of the re-write is the ability to report on Staff Performance and for the eventual introduction of PAYROLL.

Time recording features have been introduced into the old version so we can discover any issues, and we have discovered a few.

SoEasy records when a staff member logs on, what they did during their log on, and what time they logged off.

However users are doing three things that affects the objective:

1. They log on using their username and password on to more than one computer. We have accommodated for this. See note below on 'Temporary File Maintenace".

2. They do not log off which means we cannot decide on what time they finished

3. They log off using other methods than the 'Exit' button

There is a fourth issue and that is the user closes their computer down whilst SoEasy is still open, or the computer crashes, or the Internet crashes.

As long as users log back on during the day, these issues are resolved by the next log on.

What To Do

Please instruct users on how to exit SoEasy correctly by using the Exit button

Check that your computers and network ar not crashing.

Temporary File Maintenance

When you log on to SoEasy, the process automatically creates a temporary folder specifically for you.

The folder is used to manage temporary files that are used during your login session.

When you exit correctly, by using the 'Exit' button, the files and folder are deleted.

But there is a problems with the temporary folder:

If for any reason, you did not log off SoEasy correctly, the temporary files and folder were not deleted and so the new log on procedure does not know what to do with them so it asks the question:

It would like to delete them and create you a new temporary folder but you actually may be logged onto the system on another PC and if you are, deleting the files and folder causes a big problem.

So the options are:

No = Temp files and folder will be deleted and replaced.

Yes = A secondary Temp Folder and Files will be created and allow you to be logged on to two computers at the same time.

The Future

Log on and Log off times are becoming a very important subject for reporting a performance analysis so we are perfecting the logon techniques.

After enough statistics have been created we may drop the question but in the meantime, please consider the question and respond appropriately.