When you have a problem inside SoEasy, this is genuinely a SoEasy support issue.

It could be a function has not worked as it should or the system ha shit a glitch...

If so you will receive one of two messages:

Message 1: The famous 'Conrad here...' message

Message 2: The runtime system has crashed.

However, if your computer is:

  1. Running slow or freezing
  2. Having Internet issues such as disconnections, slow speed, or not able to connect to the SoEasy server
  3. Installed a new printer and need it setting up
  4. Bought a new computer and want SoEasy set up on it
  5. Or cannot download a file

These are not actually SoEasy issues but rather issues that influence the smooth running of SoEasy.

They are chargeable services. They won't be expensive to resolve but at the same time, we have prepared help topics that could help you to resolve the issue yourself and save you the charge.

Please review the topics in the:

Connection, Disconnection, and Computer Issues

section and see if you can resolve them yourself. If not please feel free to contact support and let our trained staff solve the problem but please be aware that the work done is a chargeable service.