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The containerisation project of SoEasy was officially started on 25th April 2018, ANZAC DAY.

In the rebuild we are using 30 years of help notes, experience, and business study to re-shape everything and change the way businesses operate.

The project is a complete rebuild from the ground up with every wish list granted, advanced functionality implemented, and most importantly; an AI Analyst built into the code to give you information you never had before.

We want users to have a completely new experience with business development tools built in and the ability for organisations to employ more productive staff in varying circumstances.

The total project will take 12 months and is a three stage process of:

STAGE 1: Review the history of SoEasy and build mock-up models of ideas and vision. < COMPLETE

STAGE 2: Rebuild the revised version using the old programming language. < IN PROGRESS

This version is made inside the current version and allows us to move existing data and users into it with minimum impact. It will facilitate the move of data and function to the next stage.

STAGE 3: Rebuild the revised version into new hybrid cloud+device based languages.

STAGE 2 TARGET 90% COMPLETION DATE 30/7/2018 (2 months away)

We are in the STAGE 2 process and it is moving very quickly. Based on progress to date we are anticipating a 90% STAGE 2 completion by 30/7/2018 with all Managed Server users moved to the STAGE 2 version by this date.

We have spent years planning for this event and have the architectural plan and functional models already worked out. 

We are simply painting by numbers. Its still a lot of work that runs 24/7 and It is very exciting to see the new features arriving each new hour.

This morning (15/5/2018) we watched as the new Cash Book processed 10,000 transactions for display in under 1 second! 

That is the average year's worth of accrual transactions for a small business. In the past that would have taken 15 seconds and would not have provided as much detail as the new version does.


The SoEasy Accrual is a very sophisticated set of compact 'blow away' code that processes your daily financial transactions.

It was designed by Ian whilst studying at Waikato University and is fully compliant with all accounting standards.The code is an algorithm and anything passed to it will process accrual entries 100% perfectly. This enables other independent programmers to send information to the SoEasy API for processing into your accounts. This will facilitate the community of programmers who are looking for a product with which they can integrate their applications/web pages. The algorithm is 100% bullet proof and has been designed to facilitate full backward compliant functionality (add, edit, and delete actions from a third party) with very fast search and display capabilities. The results of the accrual process creates full financial reports and analytical information that is not only up-to-date by the second, but also creates automatic analytical comment that targeted staff can use to improve their task performance.

The new Accrual Menu. We have now created the new Cash Book, Debtors ledger, Creditors Ledger, Asset Register, Stock Valuation Ledger, Journal Entries Module, and Reporting Module.

Your Accountant will love our new fully reconciled and feature rich platform AND we have taken special care to keep it understandable for everyday people.

Customised screens facility has been provided so you can maintain your own brand with colour and images, reduce display content, or add content specifically for your personal log on.


The first project was the new Analytical Sales Reports which analyses the performance of:

  1. Products
  2. Staff
  3. Customers
  4. Discounting
  5. Product cost/rrp variances
  6. Time
  7. Analyticals

This initiation project was selected so we could clearly identify the objectives of the new program and experiment with new coding techniques. Everything is about the 'End Result', what are we wanting to achieve? Our analytical reporting standards identify our objectives very clearly. 

In business, we want to know how we are doing and how we can improve.


The data feeds from the old cash book (which will be retired) will not be active until we have finished the rebuild of the Invoicing Module which is scheduled for late May

Effectively you will just see the old Cash Book be replaced by the new one and based on the device you connect to, will provide a screen size to suit.


The New Version of SoEasy works on your SmartPhone or tablet. We have built the architecture for this deployment as we have been building for your PC, Mac, or Android Device.

SoEasy on the Galaxy 9 Plus - New Screens are being developed for all smart phones


The new code architecture is based on Containerisation where each module can:

  1. Operate stand alone 
  2. Work on any device 
  3. Automatically adjust screen size 
  4. Be crash proof 
  5. Think for itself

There are approximately 50 modules and 1,000's of functions to convert. It's a big job and shifting old architecture into new has its challenges.

The New Welcome Bay Tunnel 2018, built one step at a time.


A top priority is training. We are designing the New Version of Soeasy to require the minimum amount of training. This is quite a big ask as SoEasy is a huge product.

The challenge is to make the system intuitive and create features that manage your environment for you. SoEasy will become more of an 'Assistant' as opposed to a two dimensional piece of software.

Voice activation is a top consideration.

1. The new support site is being populated with new content daily.

2. New manuals are being produced:

3. We are experimenting with the building of Training Resources and have a award winning  film producer joining us in June to manage the development of 100's of videos.


This Superbase code will then be re-coded by a specialised coding team based in Aotearoa and the United Kingdom to facilitate a 24 hr, 7 day coding and support cycle.

This process will take approximately 6 months and become an industry standard model that other programmers and home users can integrate their code into.

We aim to put out another update within 2 weeks. Thank you for keeping your support requests to a minimum during this period and thank you for your support :)