You can create Journal Entries through three processes.

Open Balances: Load Opening balances from the previous years Equity Statement and Balance Sheet (Instruction Page)

Journal Entries: Process a DR and CR entry that is not cash based 

Balance Day Adjustments: Batch process all your End of Year Adjustments through one form

Location of Journal Entries

  1. Go to CASH BOOK > COA + Accrual
  2. Select the appropriate tab at the top of the form

Notes on Journal Entries

GST\VAT Journal Entries for Cash Basis Returns

If you are on a Cash Basis for GST, making Journal Entries for GST\VAT will not show on your GST Return forms as Cash Basis GST\VAT returns only deal with cash transactions.

If you need an adjustment to show on a return, you must enter it by processing a suitable transaction through the Cash Book and use the Cash on Hand Account to create suitable Debits and Credits where the Cash on Hand is returned to its original balance.