How to Stop Credit for a Specific Customer

You can stop the credit of a customer.

1. Go to their account: Platform > Database > Receive a Payment.

2. Go to the Ages Screen (not required but has useful information).

3. Select the Heading area with your mouse.

4. If any attempt to create a new invoice for the customer will be blocked.

Remove Stop Credit

To remove the Stop Credit;

  1. Follow the instructions above
  2. Select the option to "Remove Stop'

Apply a Global Stop Credit

You can set the Global Stop Credit for all overdue customers.

1. Go to the 'Receive a Payment' screen

2. Select the menu option 'Stop Credit' + 'Set Global Stop Credit' and follow the instructions.

Select the target for overdue accounts from 3 month to 1 month.

When the procedure completes, it will flag each overdue customer account notes with a message similar to this:

*** Stop Credit Applied by Brett 15/05/2018 18:42 3 month plus = $90.00***

which identifies why the stop credit was applied.

NOTE: The procedure is best run after a Statement Run because the Statement run will recalculate the ages of debt.

You can force an Age of Dent calculation through the menu option: 

Remove All Stop Credits

You can remove all stop credits by following the 'Apply a Global Stop Credit' procedure and select the option to 'Remove Stop Credit'.

You must choose an aging of debt to test and remove the stop credit of. 

The procedure is used for data management purposes only and is not a daily Debtor Management Procedure.

For example; 

a) You apply a stop credit to all accounts 3 months and older and then realise you made a mistake. The 'Remove all Stop Credits' procedure will work in this scenario.

b) You have Imported your bank transactions and notice that customers have paid their account. The 'Remove all Stop Credits' procedure will NOT work in this scenario.

Removal of individual stop credits is an individual process. See the next topic, 'Work Will All Stop Credit Customers".

Work With All Stop Credit Customers

At the Platform > Debtors menu, there is an option to show a list of all 'Stop Credit' customers: