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A common question is that "If I am on Holiday do I need to pay for the Managed Server Fees?"

When you engage our Managed Server Services plan you are actually engaging a huge team of people and equipment in the 24/7 task of making sure that when you click a button on your computer, that your software runs correctly.

We work out all the costs involved in providing the service, and divide this by the number of users who can genuinely manage.

These costs include:

  1. Hardware replacement costs
  2. Software licensing fees paid to Microsoft
  3. Server support staff
  4. SoEasy support staff
  5. Management and administration staff
  6. Ongoing development costs
  7. General business expenses
  8. Expected returns to investors
  9. Taxes

We then take this figure and divide it by 12 (the months of the year) and establish the monthly subscription fees.

This makes us competitive. To provide for a 'holiday' period we would have to change the division factor from 12 payments to 11 payments, which we have not done.

It may be an option in the future but just like other utility services, all cost calculations are based on a 12 period payment process.

So in answer to the question of whether a service fee holiday can be established the current answer is unfortunately no.

However if we find this request becomes more frequently asked we can offer the option of the yearly costs divided by 11 instead of 12 and provide a one month in the year payment holiday.

We wish you a happy holiday and you can rest assured, that when you return your services will be ready to jump into action and help you recover from your relaxing adventures.