Letterhead Details

To edit your letterhead details:

  1. Cash Book > Set up > Registration
  2. Edit Company Details

Company Name

Your company name is the information used to register your version of SoEasy.

If you change your company name you will need to let support know.

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Custom Logo

You can have a logo that appears at the top of your Invoices and Statements.

In the past we have found it best that we organise a service to set this up for you as there are a few technical issues such as file format and file size that people do not have much success in getting right.

The logo must be configured as:

Use a paint/graphic type program to create your logo

    i-    Dimensions need to be 11.02 cm by 2.07 or proportionately scaled

    ii-    Formats can be BMP, TIF (24 bit, non compressed, no layers)

When done please email it to support so we can check and set it on your system.

For us To Create your Letterhead from your Artwork

It costs $45 + gst to have your existing logo created into an emailable and printable header.

This includes us installing it in your software and setting it up.

If you require a logo creating for you, this can be arranged as well.