Before we discuss drinking, did you know what the top revenue generating industries are?

After Crude Oil, Coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world so it's a major revenue player.

Revenue players need an audience and with the number of beliefs and promotions about coffee being a necessity to life, coffee is always going to be made out to be more than it actually is.

Is coffee a health drink and therefore highly sought after? No. If that were an actual truth, society would be buzzing with fit people, but its not.

We know that coffee is a drug and we know it is addictive. Lobbyists and marketing would like to say that it is a healthy drink but the real question is, "Is it?".

The FDA are uncertain because there is no true evidence and food manufacturers are now introducing caffeine into foods because the substance is additive.

By adding caffeine to products, people get their addictions met, and the companies make money.

It's always a question of following the money trail.

If you buy a $5.00 cup of coffee a day for 300 days, it will cost you $5.00 = $1,500 a year and provide the coffee industry a significant return.

Sale price 500c less cost per cup 50c = 450c divided by cost price 50c * 100 = 900% profit. Yes coffee is a very lucrative business and because it is an addictive class A drug, you are going to need a fix often.

To top all this off, the purchase of coffee is the use of 'Free Money' so that $5.00 a day habit could be actually costing you $7,500 a year!

Coffee is also an acid food. We tend to add dairy to it which is a phlegm producing substance, and we add sweeteners which are fat producing.

The smart move would be to avoid coffee so what do you drink?

Lemon/Ginger/Salt Drink

  1. Boil mineral water
  2. Add a slice of lemon and a slice of ginger
  3. Twist a small amount of rock salt into it
  4. If you need a sweetener, add a small amount of raw honey

Additional options

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • MCT oil or coconut oil

* Always thoroughly wash the ingredients and go for organic if you can but don't go overboard.

Not only is it a delicious, mineralising, energy giving, hydrating, cleansing and alkalising drink...but it's also inexpensive, non addictive and healthy.


Water is a very big subject but I will just keep it to the basics here.

The water toilet test

Your body does not like fluoride or chlorine. It wants to flush them out. So when you drink tap water you may find that you go to the toilet more frequently.

You can test this theory by; 

  1. In the morning go to the toilet
  2. Then drink a 40 oz glass of tap water
  3. Time how long it takes before you have to next go to the toilet
  4. For the next 3 days, only drink mineral water
  5. On the fourth day, wake up, go to the toilet
  6. Drink a 40 oz glass of mineral water
  7. See how long before you go to the toilet.

If you discover that you don't go to the toilet for quite some time, then you have discovered something about your body and your journey has started.

Note: If you go away from drinking fluoride water, you must clean your teeth 2 times a day and be very disciplined about flossing and going to a dental hygienist regularly. 

Fluoride does an important job of maintaining your teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth within 60 minutes of drinking lemon water.

When you drink mineral water: 

  1. Providing essential natural minerals to your body.
  2. You may not need to go to the toilet so often
  3. Because you are not going to the toilet so often, you stay hydrated on less water
  4. Don't flush out electrolytes and other important eliments
  5. Don't constantly tax your elimination systems


I will not say much about alcohol here because it is way too tricky a subject.

It is a social beverage and it is very enjoyable to consume a little from time to time.

The facts are though:

  1. It falls into the same category as coffee and is always an acid food.
  2. If you cannot relax without alcohol, then you have a problem.
  3. Your body finds absolutely no benefit from alcohol. To your body, alcohol is a poison.
  4. If you drink, always make sure you drink a glass of mineral water before you go to bed so that you aid the flushing process
  5. If you drink every day, it will have a long term impact on your health and wallet

Why do you drink?

If you are thirsty then it is because you have been getting dehydrated during the day. 

Watch out for this and solve it by drinking small amounts of mineral water regularly.

The common answer as to why people drink is, "It helps me to relax."

OK let's do an experiment.

  • Count backwards from 10 to 1.
  • On each count relax your muscles.
  • At each number count, relax your muscles. Reduce the tension. Work through from your head to your toes.
  • Forget your troubles, they can wait, put them to the side.
  • By the time you are at number 4 your should be saying, 'How low can I go?'
  • By zero, you are relaxed.

No alcohol was required and you are now close to a meditative state.

  • Now think about being happy. Find something you love, smile, take a full breath and let it out slow.

See you just need to practice things like this every day and before too long, you learn to relax without drugs.

So why do you drink again? You probably just learnt to do it and now not drinking is like losing a friend.

The big issue for alcohol is that is a thief of time, money, and health. If you want to be in charge and control of you, alcohol has to be something you control.

From a health standpoint, alcohol is acid and too much acid will cause early degeneration of your organs, brain, and daily function.

Going out? Try soda water with a twist of lemon. Its cheaper, refreshing and puts a smile on your face to know that you are doing something good for your health and future.

Can't do that? Try one drink alcohol, one drink soda water. At least this way you are minimising the effects and neutralizing the acid. Soda water has bicarbonate of soda in it which will neutralise acid (as well as acid reflux).

Learn to be happy without alcohol and you have achieved a significant improvement. Have a drink from time to time but drinking every day, loose the habit and smile :)

3 Litres a Day?

Some people think you have to drink a lot of water every day.

If you do you are going to constantly be going to the toilet and constantly running your elimination system.

This is not necessary. You just need quality water in small doses.

Over many years I have evolved drinking water to the point where when I go biking for 5 hours, I don't need to drink anything. 

Sure I am not sweating heaps. If I was I would drink some water but I am not.

My friends do. They take their tap water filled bottles and drink. Then we pull over from time to time for them to get rid of it.

Try it. You will see a big difference.