Queen's Birthday Weekend! 

Which means 4 days and nights of cutting code and eating cake :)

Special weekends are a good way to get ahead and for us it means another opportunity for a 50 hour development push.

We are 36 days into the rewrite and it seems like months.

Just to refresh your memory, we are coding Stage 2 of a 3 Stage process so we are still programming in the old code but its a complete rebuild with a totally different technique than before.

This version of SoEasy is built using Algorithms that process data into specially built files that are designed to be supper super fast!

The code is constructed into 'Containers' that we call 'Blow Away Code' because they only activate into memory whilst you are using them. When not in use, they simply do not exist in resource memory which means SoEasy will be very very lite on the systems. There are lot of reasons why these techniques are being used but from a users perspective, the benefits are:

  1. Everything is very fast! For example, read 10,000 records in 1/2 a second.
  2. We are reducing training requirements
  3. Standardising Screen Layouts and colours
  4. Bullet Proof Functionality
  5. Standardising Accounting Procedures in accordance with GAAP
  6. Saving you time with automated functions
  7. Improving feedback in the form of on-screen prompts, reporting, and guidance
  8. Eliminating the issues that users have reported

What have we got sorted so far?

Accrual General Ledger 

The new AGL is at the heart of the new version of SoEasy. It collects the financial transactions of the business and processes several streams of information including:

  1. Up to date profitability
  2. Specialist reporting that targets individual performance
  3. Analysis of activity

The AGL has a very efficient Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet displayed in real time.

To maintain the accrual we have included easy to use accountant's tools such as:

  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Journal Entries
  • Balance Day Adjustments
  • Opening Balances

The Accrual Collection and Management Area

Cash Book

The screen below displays the Accountant's Version of SoEasy's Cash Book. You can use this or you can choose a cut down version for your needs.

If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can also have a version to suit your screen and review or update your cash book on the go.

There are many different Cash Book displays available to suit your device

Sale Reporting

Every direction of sales reporting has been accommodated for.

We even added features that  facilitate sales and marketing and we have also integrated the Sales Report features into the Call Centre.

Debtors Ledger

The Debtors Ledger is being worked on this weekend. It has been a big job to make something that is quite complicated into something that is easy.

Our goal is to automate the Debtors Ledger including:

  • Automatic duplication of invoices for service or subscription
  • Automatic overdue reminders to customers
  • Automatic stop credit
  • Automatic Debtor Management
  • Automatic Statements
  • Automatic allocation of receipts
  • Automatic Customer Performance Monitoring

Sneak Peak....

This is the current working screen and we hope to have it completed by Saturday. 

The Statement Procedure is then being re-worked to create a totally new Statement Process as described in previous newsletters.

The biggest challenge has been to create the model. 

We are currently working on setting the standard of display and function so it is important to not rush too fast and allow time to accommodate for rewrites.

For example, the Debtors Screen above has been polished for days and the refinements may not always be seen at a casual glance but they are there.

When you select "Allocate Receipts to Invoices" here is the process that engages:

No tutorial required and bullet proof.

If you make a mistake there is a full 'unwind' function that shows you how a payment was allocated and you can un-allocate all or parts and reallocate easily.

Statement Procedure

Of particular interest in this re-build is the Statement Procedure. It is another complete re-write from the ground up. The old procedure was originally created when emails and PDF functions were not an option, circa 1990.  

The web was not commonly used as we know it today, standard computers were a 286 processor with 256 MB RAM and a 50 MB hard drive. Company statement run was normally a 2 day manual process. We built something that for the day, was very impressive with the statement taking 1-2 hours whilst you waited for the dot matrix printer to bring the noise.

Over the years we had to integrate emailing into the old procedure and since then it has been a process of patching a once great procedure to accommodate for a wide variety of circumstances and peoples preferences.

The new procedure is totally different than the old and has an architecture that is fully aware of all the issues we have had and eliminates them.

We will be pushing the new statement run for the first time on the 10th of June 2018 as we process our statements and the update should be through to our customers by the end of this month.

4th June 2018

The long weekend was a great success and we have pushed through the Debtors ledger to now a 95% completion and only the Database connections are required to be completed.

This will require us to process the Database Container and we are poised to do this.

However we are going to shift over to the Creditors Module and see if we can complete this by the end of the week.

This would mean that the full accrual architecture (except for stock) has been completed and will enable us to release the update.

The Creditors Ledger is an inverse mirror of the Debtors Ledger so the work done in the Debtors should go well to create the new Creditors Ledger.

If we can complete this work by Friday morning, we can then work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the Database Container.

We are at an 18 hour day 7 day build cycle so progress is rapid.


We are hoping to release the next update this next Tuesay. It has been a challenge to push out updates recently due to a change in the back ground architecture.

The modifications changed how reporting was to be done and this caused a problem in allowing for reports with effectively two systems running in the background.

This problem could prevail during the update but we will take each reporting case as it comes.

As soon as we release the update we will focus for the release week on reporting.

Thank You!

A big thank you for keeping your support questions to a minimal. It really helps.

And if you have a question, please email it in and we will set up some training notes.