Free to a Good Home

Nara is a 3 year old female American Shorthair Tortoiseshell cat.

She is beautiful, friendly and loves to socialise.

"I think something moved over there. I'm just waiting for it to move again to be sure..."

She is house trained, and no fuss to look after at all.

When you are around she will come and have a talk with you for a minute to tell you how her day has been and then she's off to find a good book to sit on or a sunny spot to preen herself.

Nara is a  very friendly affectionate cat who loves to be cuddled and sit with you while watching a good movie.

She doesn't drop hairs, get under your feet, or scratch furniture. She enjoys both the great outdoors or inside and will keep your house clear of any undesirable pests.

"Whats on TV2?"

"Did you want to go to bed now?"

Nara is spayed, had all her injections, and is in perfect health.

Have you taken the photo yet? This is my 'cat walk' pose but I can't do it forever.....

Please contact Ian for more information.