If you are thinking of buying a new printer for the Managed Web Services installation then the process is very simple.

  1. Any printer that works on your computer, should work with our services
  2. Install the printer manufactures's drivers on to your computer
  3. Set the printer to the default
  4. If SoEasy is open, exit and load it again (probably not necessary)
  5. Do a test print from SoEasy

SoEasy is set up to standardly print to your computer's default printer.

If you change your printer and set it to the default, SoEasy will print to it.

If you have any special printer settings set up, you may need to configure these.

We suggest changing the printer first and then seeing if everything is working by performing various print functions from SoEasy.

The manual on setting up printing options is available here:

You you have difficulties, we provide services to assist in setting up your printer.