In today's congested streets, perhaps a bike is the solution.

  • What about safety?
  • How can you communicate?
  • Is it really that much faster?
  • What are the savings?

We will be reviewing the process during the following months.

The Bike

The Suzuki Bandit 1200 cc has been dubbed by the industry as the 'Toyota Corolla" of the bike world and through the generosity of my brother, Colin, he happens to have a spare one lying around that we can have :)

Image result for 2000 suzuki bandit 1200

The 2000 Suzuki Bandit 1200, a very reliable machine


This depends on age, experience, location, and accident history.

Google 'bike insurance' or talk with your insurance company or broker.

We went with Protecta Insurance at $36 per month fully comprehensive + breakdown


Obviously wear protective gear, and we will be looking into this, but perhaps the first thing to do is to truly get familiar with the bike and take a 'Ride for Life' course.

Costing Data

Fuel Economy
According to the Fuelly web site, the Bandit does approx 7 litres per 100km.
Not amazingly economical but it is a 1157cc bike.
I am going to guess that I will do 6 litres/100 km because I am going to be gentle.

A good way to run the bike in and get a feel will be to go for a ride to Te Aroha and back. The round trip, is 160 kms = 9.6 litres of 95 octane @ $2.10 per litre = $20.16. The weekend jaunt.