Accrual Reporting is the result of all financial transactions, paid and unpaid, accumulated for a financial period and laid out into a series of reports than enable you to ascertain the financial standing of your operational activity.

These reports include:

  • Statements of Financial Position
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Movement in Equity
  • Balance Sheet


To be clear, it is very important to understand that people make many decisions over reporting and in some cases, the information presented could be incorrect due to:

  • Incorrect set up of the Chart of Accounts
  • Incorrect data entry
  • Incorrect balances
  • Incorrect output by SoEasy due to any reason
  • Any other reason

This disclaimer is made to identify that under no circumstances do we recommend the reports within SoEasy be used for anything else other than casual observation in an unofficial capacity.

  1. SoEasy will produce 'In House' reporting only at this stage
  2. Any official use of the reports such as filing Tax Returns, applying for loans, or review by financial institutions, must be verified by appropriately qualified people
  3. Ltd, it's staff, trainers, and consultants, accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy in the reports whatsoever or results of the report output
  4. Assistance with the reports is not covered under support contracts and a fee based service is available should you need assistance.

How To produce a Report

This rebuild Process is only a temporary stage as SoEasy III is produced.

To produce a monthly report:

Beta Stage Tax Reports

We have prepared SoEasy to process tax reports but until we have officially released the module it is in trial only.

Rebuilding the Accrual and the Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet will not be correct (in accordance with the disclaimer) unless:

  • The Opening Balances have been loaded from the previous financial period
  • This year's Stock values are loaded as a Journal Entry. This process will be replaced by the end of August with automatic stock value processing
  • Depreciation schedule has been created and set
  • Debtors and Creditors ledger is correct
  • Cash Management Accounts have been exactly reconciled with their associated bank statement
  • Any other reason your accounts are not accurate

This tutorial will be updated once the Generation III modifications have been completed.