SoEasy's Product Register accommodates for a three tier structure made up of:


If you were to imagine your products in a price catalog, you may better understand the construction of Headings, Categories, and Products.

This structure enables you to design a catalog of products such as:



B45 Bulb

B55 Bulb

B60 Bulb


PL12 Bulb

PL24 Bulb


BL12 Bulb

BL24 Bulb







There is a Default Heading and Category called "GENERAL". If you do not define a Heading or a Category, all links in the Product Register resolve to a 'General' Heading and a 'General' Category.

The important factors of an e-commerce file are:

  • An e-commerce file from SoEasy can be used to maintain a web page's product file.
  • A product may be included in or excluded from an e-commerce file. 
  • Does your e-commerce web page use Headings and Categories to define products under? 
  • Some web pages only support Categories.
  • None the less, the definition of your Products Register under carefully worked out Headings and Categories will assist in:
    • Finding Products
    • Sales and Performance Reporting on specific Heading or Categories of Products
  • You can change Products and Categories at any time

It Takes Time

  • Perfecting your Product Register can take some time so here are some suggestions:
  • Try to imagine a logical structure of Headings and Categories.
  • Build them to make things as simple as possible.
  • If you make a mistake or discover that its complex, you can always edit and change your configurations
  • Think along the lines of reporting. For example:

Reporting on Labour could look like this:



PRODUCTS: All attached to LABOUR Category

Or like this:



PRODUCTS: Individual Staff Labour code assigned to the specific Division Category

At any time, you can change your Headings and Categories. There are lots of tools described in this tutorial on how to manage your Products and make changes quickly and easily.

Editing the Headings and Categories

Go to Platform and select the 'Products' Register

You will be taken to the Product Register Main Menu

Cat/Head Section

Selecting the Cat/Head Tab will bring you to the Heading and Categories setting screens.

Headings Screen

Adding and Editing a Heading brings up this dialog box:

Show in web? You can set if you want Categories and Products attached to the Heading to be included in an importable e-commerce web file.

Delete All Headers

If you find that the Headings are in a mess you can re-set the Headers by deleting them (see bottom left of screen above).

If you delete the Headers, General will be left and all categories will be attached to the GENERAL Heading.

You can then Add new Headers and use the following instructions to restructure your Product Register catalog. 

Categories Screen

When you select the Categories Screen, you have management tools to help you define and structure the Product Categories.

Select a Category to edit it unless you are using the 'Special Utility' where clicking on a Category will assign the Category to a specific Heading.

There are also several Special Options available.

Head-Categories Screen

At this screen you have 3 options:

1: Filter Categories associated with a specific heading

2: Change what a Categories Heading is

3: Edit a Category

Categories-Products Screen

Prod + Cat Layout

The Product and Category Layout screen provides an advanced ability to filter a specific group of Products by a Keyword and change the Category they belong to individually or as a group.

Head+Cat+Prod Layout Screen

This screen shows you what the Catalog structure will look like.

(1) The Order is important if you are trying to create a web page file or a printed Catalogue.

Typically the Order is defined as:

a) User definable Heading order. Select the Heading and you can change the sort order.

To help you do this, select what you would like to display (2) as 'Headings' and you will be able to adjust the order of the Headings only.

b) User definable Categories order. Select a Category and you can change the sort order within the confines of the Categories associated Heading

To help you do this, select what you would like to display (2) as 'Categories' and you will be able to adjust the order of the Categories only.

c) Products sort themselves on an alphabetical model of the first 8 characters of the Product's OpCode.

Creating e-commerce Product Lists

There are numerous ways that an e-commerce product list can be created.

In the above description we have guided you through most of the requirements. Additional information is available at this link: