Currently Generation II versions of SoEasy will export the Products Register to a file which can then be uploaded to web page products such as:

Web Page Management

Web Page Management can be a full time job and there is a learning curve.

Just being able to export a file and Import it into you e-commerce site will not complete the task.

There will be curious events and frustrations but once the learning curve is over, it can be a simple enough process to manage the site.

Note: Generation IV of SoEasy will have facilities to be a fully integrated model. Due out in 2019.

Things to Consider

  1. You will need to keep your Product Register up-to-date
  2. You can set a Product, Category, or a Heading of Products On/Off the web list
  3. Stock on hand must be accurate
  4. Shipping costs can get tricky so design an exclusive sale price + freigh model
  5. Refund/returns policy

Specifics in SoEasy


SoEasy uses a 3 tier structure to manage Products.

The tier structure includes:

  1. Headings
  2. Categories
  3. Products

It can be helpful to understand this model by thinking of a price list:

You will need to build this structure to suit your intended shopping cart.

Visit this tutorial to learn how to set up your Product Register

On Web/Not On Web

You can set all tiers as being on or off the web.

This means you can individually specify a Heading, Category, or a Product is to be On/Off the web.

Anything under the OFF setting, will also be OFF the next exported file web list

If you make a change, you will need to replace the entire Product Register on your web page.

Not on Web= Not on Web (All Categories linked to Heading)= Not on Web (All Products linked to Category)
On WebNot on Web= Not on Web (All Products linked to Category)

On WebOn WebCan be On or Off


Your e-commerce page will tell you about the size and format of the images required.

SoEasy automatically creates a link image name based upon the Products Code + JPG

and expects to find the image at the directory SOEASY\PHOTOS

You do not have to place the image at this location but during the file creation Soeasy will place the image as being code.jpg (or code.JPG)

Note: Always set the image name and extension as either uppercase or lowercase. Never a mixture as links to images have to be exact.

Creating The File

To create the file, go to the Products Register Main Menu.

Set up your Product Register through this screen:

And then go to the 'Advanced' screen.

The button: 8: Upload Web Product List will export a file which may be able to be imported into your e-commerce site.


We are happy to assist you set up your e-commerce file and provide a paid service that can train and assist you.

Normally once you have done it a couple of times, you no longer require our help.

To book a service please click the link below.