Mediation Services

Mediation Service is a way in which parties who have a conflict of opinion can move forward.

For mediation to work, it is important to choose the right mediation technique:

The Technique we use is a five step process:

  1. Meet with all parties concerned and hear each person’s issues
  2. Review the issue and research the facts where possible
  3. Establish agreement on the core topics and strategy that allow resolution
  4. Meet with the parties and table the other parties’ issues
  5. Assist in the negotiation of a resolve

The Mediator is not a judge and is only involved to allow a non emotional negotiation to occur between the parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to meet with the other party?

No. Sometimes it is best to avoid a group meeting as many times that mediation is required there has been a heated discussion between parties and the emotions of meetings can dominate the ability to negotiate a resolve.

However, once a resolution has been created a meeting is beneficial as it allows a closure to occur which is healthy for everyone concerned.

How long does the process take?

It can be as quick as a few hours or take some time. The speed is dependant on how each party reacts to each step and how they are able to formulate a mutually agreeable solution.

Should we use our Lawyer?

There are many good mediating lawyers but primarily a lawyer is seen as someone who represents and individual party’s concerns and in that, all parties may not get a fair representation.

Typically one party goes to their lawyer who drafts up a settlement plan and sends it to the other party. They in turn get their lawyer to respond and the process begins. Although this method can work, it can be costly, time consuming, and damaging to the opportunity of an ongoing relationship between the parties.

Lawyers could be used as a final approach should mediation not work or a legal document be required. However mediation does work and in many cases of mediation, lawyers are not required.

What are the costs?

The costs are calculated on an hourly basis plus any travel and any other services that may be required such as accommodation or meeting room facilities. The objective being that mediation is effective and can hopefully be achieved in an efficient way. The Mediator acts mainly as a coordinator of activities for the parties and a sounding board when required.

Much of the process can be conducted over the phone and in emails.

In Summary

Conflict of opinions is common place but sometimes these disagreements can cause a daily unsettlement that erodes away people’s quality of life. Don’t let this happen. Mediators are not judgemental. They are there to represent all parties in the facts and have the aim to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution that allows for all parties to let go of the bad feelings and move forward.

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