When importing transactions from your bank's web site, if you find that a receipt has been allocated to the wrong customer, here is how to solve it.


1. Go to the Cash Book > Import Wizard > View/Edit Master Profiles

2.  Select the heading 'Contact in database' which will set the sort order of the profiles

3. Use the '?' key and in the lookup dialog that appears, enter the first 3-4 letters of the database contact that the receipt is going to and press the 'Enter' key

4. This will show the profiles that are being processed to the contact

5. Edit the profile

You can Delete the profile as well as:

a) Edit the account

b) Decide what will be updated (Cash Book only, Debtors + cash book or Creditors + cash book)

c) Prompt for a decision each time the profile is used

6. If you require Debtors or Creditors to be updated, when you select 'Save', you will be prompted for the contact's details


This will fix any future entry. Now you will need to resolve any entries that are incorrect. The best way to do this is with Journal Entries.

1. Go to Platform > Database

2.  Locate the contact who was incorrectly paid/receipted from

3. Go to RECEIPTS (Customers/Debtors) or CREDITORS (Suppliers)

4. Make a reversing Journal Entry to remove/add the dollars back to their account (Add or reduce and opening balance)

5. Allocate the amounts

6. Locate who would have been paid/receipted from

7. Make a Journal Entry (Add or reduce and opening balance)

8. Allocate the amounts


A common area where this type of issue occurs is when a sub office is set up to have their invoices appear on a Head Office Statement:

Customers section of the Platform database

NB: When setting up any 'Change who gets billed, always check the user profiles as above.