Three Forms of Training and Support

There are three forms of training required:

1. General training for things such as:

  • How do I create an invoice?
  • How can I export my database?
  • Where do I add an account?

This type of training is covered within our support pages here.

Simply use the various search functions or drive through the index descriptions.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please 'ask a question' and support will either point you to the information or create a help topic.

2.  Establishment Training

Some requests for training revolve around the desire for our software to model around an existing process or that we provide ideas on how a process could be established. 

This is a training process that cannot easily be generated within this support resource and historically we have found it best to engage the services of a consultant.

For example; 

example 1: We can tell you how the Call Center Module was designed to work but inadvertently once the model of operation is decided upon, there is a need to re-construct your contact database. 

This task will be influenced based on how many call center staff you have, how many active/inactive customers, and what call process and objectives you will engage. There could be many factors and the knowledge differences between a person who just read a chapter on 'How to set up a Call Center''' and an experienced Call Center establishment expert is significant and will have long term effects on productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

example 2: SoEasy has very effective Job Management processes but deciding on which features of Job Management should be used and how it should be set up needs a review of existing in-house practices by an experienced SoEasy Job Management expert.

In both cases mentioned above, there will be data additions and edits required. 

A consultant is experienced in the edits and can have access to your raw data to make changes behind the scenes very quickly. 

Where as general users do not have access to the 'back end' and edits could easily take 100's of hours.

We define this type of training as 'Establishment Training' and we deliver this service through paid consultants. 

The SoEasy Certified Consultant will visit your location, review your objectives, and advise you on how they feel it would be best to set up the process.

3. Assistance with Other Consultants

Many organisations enlist the help of consultants or outsource activities such as the creation of web pages, management analysis, or accountant's review.

This usually sets up a situation where we need to provide support services to people who have little to no experience in the system. They may also be 'urgent' in their requirements because they have a project period in which they must complete their tasks.

The solution to such a situation is to schedule an online appointment between a SoEasy Consultant and your Consultant so that they can work through the projects scope together. One hour is usually all that is required and the consultants can work rapidly to an understanding of what can be achieved. In some cases additional work will be required but it will enable your consultant to work more effectively and achieve their tasks on-time and budget.

This is a paid for service and it is very important to book the time slot.

In all cases the best way to gain support is to 'contact us'

Feature Not Available

Software is an never ending development and some features that people would like or believe should be present may not be present.

When a request is made regarding a feature that is not present, or the user has an idea on how we could improve the system; responding to this type of support request can be a difficult subject. 

The process required to provide an answer to such a question is both time consuming, costly, and in many cases, can only be performed once other projects are complete which could be many months away.

Sometimes the answer has to be that we do not have the feature or that we cannot modify the system, where as other times we can facilitate a modification.

In all cases we have the following policy:

  1. We will advise that the Feature is Not Available
  2. In some cases, offer a charged solution which will provide the feature
  3. Indicate if we we will be incorporating the feature at some time but that there is no schedule

The charge option offers the user a solution and if the user decides to pay for the features development;

  1. The feature will be reviewed and scoped as quickly as possible
  2. The feature will become part of our general release and fall under our software licencing agreement terms and conditions
  3. The requester will be charged for all discussion and development of the feature.

Having these policies ensures that a support solution is available in all circumstances and that users of SoEasy have options. 

It is our policy to help our customers as much as possible and encourage people to engage in solutions that work.

It is always good to know there is a person with whom you can contact in SoEasy, who will listen, and help as much as possible. 

It is also important to recognise that some services must be charged for. Our support service costs are calculated based on the concept that users require only a few minutes a month of support whereas if a customer needs more time, we provide paid for services to facilitate a solution.