Customer Vehicles

As you add vehicles to the system, a 'Customer Vehicle Database' is created.

You can review this database in the 'Customer Vehicles' screen:

  1. Point of Sale (Advanced Vehicle Servicing)
  2. List of Vehicles

Searching the Vehicle Database

Select the headings to change the sort order and use the 'Shift' '?' key to bring up a dialog where you can type in the beginning of what you are looking for.

example: Select Rego heading to look up registration numbers > select the ? key > enter the rego number > select 'OK'

Adding a Vehicle

A vehicle can be added to a customer during the process of creating an Invoice.

You can also add a vehicle without creating an invoice by going to the 'Customer Vehicle' screen and selecting 'Add Vehicle'


Q!: I added an invoice but it did not add a vehicle to the Customer Vehicle Database

Ans: Add the Vehicle manually through the Customer Vehicle Screen