To Go To the Database:

1. Go to Platform

2. Go to the Database

To Find a Contact


When you add a contact to the Database, you automatically create a main search field.

The main search field will be either:

Organisation Name, if any...

else Surname


The search button enables you to:

i. Enter details to search for

ii. Choose what you are searching on


The List Screen enables you to change the sort order to search through plus work with tags and keywords.

To search for someone in the chosen sort order:

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the SoEasy screen.

You can use your mouse to select the ? key in the scroll bar or you can use a keyboard equivalent:

i/ Hold the Shift key down

ii/ Press the ? key once. Don't hold it down, just tap it once

iii/ A dialog box will appear, let go of the keys

iv/ Type in a few characters of what you are looking for (based on the currently selected search index

v/ Press the enter key. This will select the highlighted button which in this case is 'OK'

vi/ The nearest match will be displayed. Click on it with your mouse and the screen will change to the database.


There is a scroll bar in many parts of SoEasy and it is a good idea to learn to use it.

In particular the keyboard methods which include the Shift + ? method of look up.

When in the Database, the Shift + ? lookup will be performed on the 'Main Search Field' which is decided by:

Priority is given to an organisation name.

Else the contacts surname.

Usually the left and right arrow keys will also be used to quickly see who may be to the left or right of the displayed contact.

To Add a Contact

Important Details

There are several important details to collect from a contact:

1. Organisation Name

2. Contact Surname and First Name

3. Mobile and Landline number

4. Email Address < a must

Other details matter as well but these details are the bare minimum.


SoEasy allows you to profile contacts in many ways. Profiling means to categorise for analysis purposes.

To gain an insight into profiling, see:

Profiling is used for Call Centre activities ( a special module available) and for working with Groups of contacts.

We run courses on how to profile but for this entry level training you only need to know about 'Group' profiling.

When you add a contact into the database you will need to attach the contact to a Group.

To edit a Group, select it with your mouse.

To add a Group, select 'Add a Group'

Adding a Contact

1. At the database screen, select 'Add Contact'.

Note: Make sure the contact is not already in the database by using the search functions.

2. A dialog box will appear. Complete the relevant details. The most important ones are highlighted in yellow in the above diagram.

a) YELLOW = must haves

b) GREEN = 

What will this contact be?

Group Abbreviation. See Profiling above. You can enter the Group's abbreviation or enter 1 for a pick list to display when you select 'OK'

3. Additional Information can be set by selecting the 'Defaults' button at the bottom right of the dialog

Editing a Contact

1. Find the contact

2. Select 'Edit contact'