1: Front Company Menu

Click the company name to access the company data.


* Notice the tabs at the top and the location of the Help function.

* SoEasy requires a screen resolution of 1920 * 1280 to use the full features.

2: Cash Book, Other Modules, and Security

You are normally brought straight to the Cash Book.

Subscribed modules will appear on the left. Click them to access them.

If security is active you will need to enter your user name and password.


To move through the a dialog box (such as the security one) press the Tab key on your keyboard.

You cannot access anything else until you process the dialog box.

When focused on the 'OK' button, press the keyboard Enter key to execute it.

3: Overview of Cash Book Screen

Cash Book records receipts and payments, reconciles these against your bank account, and enables you to generate reports such as:

  1. GST/VAT
  2. Trading Report, P&L, and Balance Sheet.

You can also set up your Chart of Accounts to suit your requirements.


The most common method of keeping your Bank accounts and Debtors and Creditors up-to-date is to import your transactions.

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Click the Platform Menu

4: Platform

Platform is the module that manages your customer and supplier transactions.

Database = Contacts and suppliers names and address register

Debtors = Work with Quotes, Customer Invoices, receiving payments, and managing accounts/statements

Creditors = Supplier account management

Products = Manage the Products Register used to bill customer invoices, maintain stock, place orders

5: Database

You save everyone to the database.


The Left menu provides different screen views of the current contact

The top menu works with various documents and modules relating to the contact:

   QUOTE + P = Show/Add/Edit quotes and display the profit

   QUOTE = Show/Add/Edit quotes but do not display the profit

   INVOICE + P = Show/Add/Edit invoices and display the profit

   INVOICE = Show/Add/Edit invoices but do not display the profit

   CREDIT NT = Show/Add/Edit a Credit Note

   RECEIPTS = Work with the customer's account

   CREDITORS = Work with a creditor's account

   PRODUCTS = Go to a suppliers products in the Product Register

   HISTORY = Show the History of Items Billed to the customer

To add or Edit a contact, select the 'Edit contact' or 'Add contact' button.


To search the database there are several options:

1. Search 

Locate the 'Search' button:

2. List

Locate the "List' button

Universal Search Bar

Where ever the universal search bar appears, the following functions apply:

Move one record to the left or
move one record up
Home Key
Move one record to the right or
move one record down
End Key
Move to the first recordPage Up Key
Move to the last recordPage Down Key
Lookup a match in the current indexHold Shift + tap ? key once
Create a filter (advanced)Hold Shift + tap = key once

The Shift ? key combination is used often so it is worthwhile to learn this as well as the other key strokes.

7: Exit - The Correct Way

When you exit SoEasy the correct way, a series of housekeeping functions occur which helps keep the system maintained.

If you exit incorrectly or try to log on the system on two different computers but use the same user name and password, you may get the following message:

Read the question and answer accordingly.

The question is asking if you are logged on to SoEasy on another computer? If not select 'No'.

This completes the Introduction.